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ActionChess was available in the iOS App Store from 2009 to 2016. There is a brief ActionChess Demo on Vimeo. The following is the App Store marketing copy for historical purposes.

ActionChess is an exciting action puzzle game mashup that crosses two of the greatest games of all time: Chess and Tetris!

There are several modes to play and unlock. Arcade Mode and Timed Mode are available to start out with, but as you progress you’ll gain the ability to play in Specific Piece Mode, where you play with just the Rooks, Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Queens, or even the entire set at random. Each of these feel like an entirely different action puzzle game.

Instructions: Move any of the pieces on the gameboard as you would move the piece in standard chess. Simply drag the piece you want to move onto the piece you want to capture, black or white it makes no difference. You must make a capture, however, in order to move the piece.

Of course you score points for each capture, but if you make a row of all black or all white pieces, the whole row is removed and scored! New pieces show up at the bottom of the screen, and if you let one reach the top, that’s game over. If you’re doing so well that you run out of pieces on the board, there is an up arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen that will push another row of pieces out onto the board.


  • Over Nine Game Modes
  • Unlock the ability to play with the pieces you want!
  • Named High Scores
  • Game Statistics
  • In-Game help text
  • Automatic Game Save

ActionChess Game, timed mode screenshot ActionChess Game, home screenshot
ActionChess Game, save game screenshot ActionChess Game, pause screenshot
ActionChess Game, high-scores screenshot ActionChess Game, knights mode screenshot


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