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Catchup - Abstract Strategy

Catchup is a simple game of surprising turnarounds.

"Catchup is as elegant as a game can reasonably be, presented in a marvelously user-friendly way.” -Pocket Tactics (5-star review)

"If you're even a little bit into strategy games, you need to get some Catchup all over your mobile device." -Touch Arcade (4 & 1/2 star review)

Can you have the largest group at the end of the game? Connect your hexes to master this beautiful abstract strategy game.


  • an interactive tutorial to teach you how to play
  • a challenging AI opponent whose difficulty changes as you play
  • online turn-based multiplayer via Game Center
  • two-player pass-and-play on the same device
  • beautiful and haunting music by Tori Kamal
  • minimalist graphics with customizable colors
  • Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements
  • simple and easy to learn rules and gameplay
  • difficult to master strategy

Here are all the rules:

1. One player plays all the hexes of one color and the other player plays all the hexes of the other color. The first player begins by claiming 1 empty hex for their color.

2. Starting with the second player, each player must claim 1 or 2 hexes on their turn.

3. If the largest group of hexes at the end of a turn is larger than the largest group of hexes at the beginning of that turn (regardless of color), the next player may claim up to 3 hexes on their turn. (This does not apply after the first player claims a single hex in step 1 above.)

4. The game ends when the board is full. The player with the largest group wins. If the players’ largest groups are the same size, compare their second-largest groups, and so on, until you come to a pair which aren’t the same size. Whoever owns the larger of the two wins.

Catchup is an original Board Game designed by Nick Bentley.

Catchup - Abstract Strategy Game, screenshot Catchup - Abstract Strategy Game, screenshot
Catchup - Abstract Strategy Game, screenshot


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